#042 We are relaunching The Warrior Academy Podcast, here’s what to expect!

In this episode, Seb announces the exciting relaunch of The Warrior Academy podcast. Seb discusses the podcast’s beginnings, its remarkable success, and the upcoming changes in its format. Listeners can look forward to insightful interviews, practical insights, and engaging stories for parents, students, and children. Topics Discussed: – Three main elements of the new podcast: Live interviews, deep insights, and podcasts for children. – Diverse guest lineup, including sports champions, thought leaders, authors, and experts. – The interactive and engaging nature of live interviews, both global and local. – Addressing common parental queries with practical insights on confidence building, sibling relationships, bullying, and anxiety. – Introduction of podcasts for children, adapting successful “Mat Chats” into storytelling episodes. Don’t miss out on the insightful discussions, practical advice, and inspiring stories that The Warrior Academy podcast offers. Your journey towards personal growth and character development begins here. Thank you for joining us in this episode of The Warrior Academy podcast. Stay tuned for enriching content that empowers parents, students, and children on their unique journeys. If you are a parent and you would like to learn how to develop your child’s confidence, conduct and concentration, the first step you NEED to take is to complete the breakthrough area assessment which will give you unique insights into each of your child’s 3Cs. It takes 5 mins so click the link below to get started. www.breakthrougharea.com Stay connected by subscribing on our social media channels. Follow Warrior Academy Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TheWarriorAcademyLTD Instagram https://www.instagram.com/warrior_academy/ LinkedIn https://uk.linkedin.com/company/the-warrior-academy Watch the episodes on Youtube as well: [link to follow] Follow Sebastian Bates: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/sebastianbates/ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/seb.bates LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/sebastian-bates-4b70412b/ Website http://www.sebastianbates.com/ Sponsor: Shield Ubiquitous. Our manager Harlem can answer any questions you have about the Shield team. Book a call here https://calendly.com/ubiquitousharlemmillado/30min?month=2023-06