#051 Is My Child Likely to Be Bullied?

How confident is your child?

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This episode of the Warrior Academy Podcast delves into the complex topic of bullying and how it profoundly affects children’s lives. Seb, an expert in character development and martial arts, discusses the transformative power of bullying, both negatively and positively, and provides insights into guiding children through this challenging transition. Emphasizing empowerment over protection, the episode offers perspectives on self-love, understanding the bully’s perspective, and laying the foundation for practical steps to mentor children through bullying.

Topics Discussed:

– The significance of bullying in shaping children’s lives. – The impossibility of eliminating bullying due to its natural occurrence. – Bullying as a tool for transformation, both negatively and positively. – The psychology behind why bullying impacts individuals differently. – The importance of empowering children to love and accept themselves. – Understanding that bullies often have their own struggles and traumas. – The value of perspective shift in dealing with bullies. – Setting the stage for practical steps to mentor children through bullying.

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