#052 Part 1: The World of Bullying Chapter 1: The World Has Changed: Are You Ready? (Part 1)

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In this episode, Sebastian Bates, founder of the Warrior Academy and host of the Warrior Academy Podcast, shares a chapter from his book, “Not a Victim,” aimed at helping parents mentor their children through the challenging experience of bullying. He discusses the importance of proactive preparation, shares stories of individuals who overcame bullying, and introduces practical guidance for equipping children with resilience tools.

Topics Discussed:

– Exploring the transition of bullying and its impact on children – Empowering children to face life’s obstacles proactively – The concept of the six P’s for addressing bullying – The vision of a world where parents equip children with tools to overcome obstacles – The influence of community on bullying incidents – The rise of cyberbullying and its implications – The ongoing lessons learned from dealing with confrontation, standing up for oneself, and building confidence

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