#054 A mother’s story of overcoming adversity, how to live like Wonder Woman, with Rhian Adams

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In this inspiring episode, host Sebastian Bates welcomes Rihanna Adams, a personal trainer, former national rugby team player, and a remarkable mom of two. Rihanna shares her extraordinary journey from her athletic career to becoming a single mother of a child with Angelman syndrome, a severe genetic disorder. She discusses her experiences, challenges, and how she found empowerment and support, both online and in her community.

Topics Discussed:

– Introduction to Rihanna Adams and her background in sports, fitness, and motherhood. – The importance of fitness and staying healthy during pregnancy and postpartum. – The misconceptions and challenges faced by moms in maintaining fitness during and after pregnancy. – How martial arts can benefit children with special needs and promote inclusion. – Rihanna’s personal journey of accepting her son’s diagnosis of Angelman syndrome. – The power of online communities and support networks for parents of children with special needs. – The concept of empowerment through adversity – Balancing motherhood and a career, particularly when facing unique challenges. – The role of having a strong support system, including nannies and night nannies, in parenting a child with special needs. – Overcoming cultural barriers and seeking support for special needs children. – The impact of inclusion and creating a supportive environment for children with special needs. – The importance of involving children in the decision-making process for their education and development.

Don’t miss this incredible episode filled with inspiring stories and valuable insights from Rihanna Adams on overcoming adversity and thriving as a mother of a child with special needs.


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