#055 Help! My Child Is Being Bullied… Follow These Emergency Steps!

How confident is your child?

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In this episode, we delve into practical advice for parents dealing with their child’s experience of bullying. Building upon the previous discussion about the realities of bullying, this episode focuses on the six steps of the “Not A Victim” process that empowers children to overcome bullying. Seb provides valuable insights on each step, offering actionable strategies for parents to support their children effectively.

Key Points:

– Recap of the importance of empowering children to overcome bullying. – Introduction to the “Not A Victim” process and its six steps. – Step 1: Perception – Teach children to see the bully as someone facing difficulties, fostering empathy. – Step 2: Presentation – Focus on nonverbal communication, helping children appear confident and less like victims. – Step 3: Preparation – Prepare children with short, assertive responses to stop bullying without escalating it. – Step 4: Practice – Role-playing games with parents simulate real situations, building children’s confidence in their responses. – Step 5: Produce – Maintain an incident log with details of bullying incidents to provide evidence when needed. – Step 6: Persevere – Encourage children to engage in a separate character development-focused community to boost their empowerment and resilience. – Utilize the “Not A Victim” book for deeper insights and guidance.


If you found these practical steps useful, consider exploring the “Not A Victim” book, available as both an audiobook and a physical copy. It provides comprehensive insights and strategies to empower your child to overcome bullying. Get it here https://www.amazon.co.uk/Not-Victim-through-bullying-resilience/dp/1781335885


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