#059 Abdulrahman Afia on Faith, Acceptance, and Being Unique

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  In this episode, Abdul Rahman, CEO of Afia Partners, and the host discuss Abdul’s journey from a troubled youth to becoming a father, husband, and business owner. They delve into the significance of leadership, family, and the power of faith in shaping one’s life. Topics Discussed: – Abdul’s turbulent childhood and the rebellion that led to his expulsion from school. – The societal perception of disruptive behavior in children, especially those with ADHD. – Abdul’s transformation through martial arts and the positive impact of discipline and structure. – His conversion to Islam and the challenges he faced when revealing this decision to his parents. – The power of faith and a strong moral compass in shaping one’s life choices. – Abdul’s journey from homelessness to finding stability in Saudi Arabia. – His experiences in leadership development and the foundation of Afia Partners. – The importance of recognizing and nurturing individual strengths in children. Join us in exploring the power of faith, discipline, and leadership in shaping one’s life. Stay updated with our podcast for more inspiring stories and insights. Don’t miss this insightful episode of the Warrior Academy Podcast, where we discover the transformative journey of Abdul Rahman, from a troubled youth to a successful business owner and leader. Watch the episodes on YouTube as well: https://youtu.be/MOhRaja_6bw


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