#064 A conversation between Sebastian Bates and Sarah Milne Rowe on the Better Under Pressure podcast

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In this enlightening episode from December 2022, Seb engages in a captivating conversation with Sarah Milne Rowe, the host of the “Better Under Pressure” podcast. Together, they explore the dynamics of pressure and its impact on performance, drawing from personal experiences and insights. Discover the secrets to harnessing pressure as a force for growth, whether in extreme sports or the business world. Topics Discussed: – Early experiences with pressure, growing up in a competitive environment. – The positive influence of family support in dealing with high-pressure situations. – The delicate balance of parental pressure on children and the importance of rewards. – Finding intrinsic motivation and the satisfaction of personal achievement. – Celebrating successes and reinforcing the connection between pressure and success. – Creating rituals to stay present in moments of pressure and maintain control. – Insights from BASE jumping and extreme sports on handling pressure. – Translating lessons from extreme sports to decision-making in the business world. – Cultivating courage and decisiveness through adversity. – The power of language and inspiration in leadership. – Overcoming negative thoughts and maintaining a positive, abundance mindset. – The importance of holding on in challenging moments and finding gold in adversity. – Techniques for self-coaching and influencing one’s inner coach. – Discovering your child’s “Three C’s Score” and assessing their breakthrough potential. If you found this episode inspiring and insightful, don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast. We value your feedback and are eager to hear what topics you’d like to explore further. Join us on this journey of growth and resilience, where we delve into the world of pressure and how it shapes our lives. Follow Warrior Academy Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TheWarriorAcademyLTD

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