#065 Discovering Purpose: Master Sri’s Journey from Darkness to Light

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In this episode, we are joined by Master Sri, who shares his incredible life journey of transformation from being a bully to becoming a philanthropist. He discusses his challenging upbringing, his journey into martial arts, and the pivotal moment that changed his life’s direction. Topics Discussed: – Master Sri’s upbringing in Liverpool and Newcastle. – Early exposure to martial arts and bullying experiences. – The shift from being a victim of bullying to becoming a bully. – Understanding the psychology of bullies and the need for empathy. – Leaving home at a young age and working in burger vans. – Entrepreneurship and the challenges of owning businesses. – Battling depression and the turning point that led to philanthropy. – Master Sri’s journey to Kenya and the start of his charity work. – Challenges and corruption in philanthropy efforts. – Overcoming shyness and becoming a motivational speaker. – Transitioning from business mentorship to spiritual coaching. – Finding happiness in contributing to others. – The importance of discipline and implementation. – Monetizing passion and expanding into new areas. – The power of silencing the mind through meditation. – Master Sri’s venture into the metaverse and technology. Thank you for joining us on this episode of the Warrior Academy Podcast. We look forward to having you with us in the next one. Take care. Follow Warrior Academy Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TheWarriorAcademyLTD

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