#070 VLOG: Behind the scenes of the Summer Samurai Championships!

  In this episode, we dive into the exciting world of the Summer Samurai event, a martial arts competition that goes beyond fighting. Join us as we explore how this event builds confidence and courage in participants, from point sparring to board breaking. Discover the preparation, organization, and ethos behind this unique competition. Topics Discussed: – Introduction to the Summer Samurai 2023 event. – Four categories of competition: point stop sparring, continuous sparring, board breaking, and ultimate warrior. – Rules and guidelines for the different categories. – Event preparation and organization, including license books, kit checks, goody bags, and more. – The role of coaches, referees, and the membership team. – Setting up the venue and preparing for the competition. – The importance of competitions in building confidence and character development. – Sponsorship and the Warrior World Championships, supporting students from developing countries. Stay updated with the latest news and events from the Warrior Academy. Don’t forget to subscribe to this podcast to receive valuable insights and updates on martial arts, confidence building, and character development. Follow Warrior Academy Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TheWarriorAcademyLTD

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