#071 Leadership and Resilience: Insights from a Military Veteran with Monty Mavelian

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In this engaging episode, we dive into character development and leadership skills for young people with Monty Mavelian, the founder of Overlord Academy in the UAE. Monty shares insights from his military background and outdoor leadership experiences, highlighting the importance of emotional intelligence, resilience, and trust in character development. The conversation touches on topics such as parenting styles, the role of schools in character building, and the value of embracing failure as a learning opportunity. Topics Discussed: – Monty’s military background and its influence on character development. – The role of outdoor leadership and adventure activities in building resilience. – The need for emotional intelligence and soft skills in the modern world. – The impact of participation medals on young people’s motivation. – Balancing pressure and fostering a growth mindset in children. – The power of leading by example in parenting. – The importance of connecting with children on an emotional level. – Developing servant leadership within families. – Overlord Academy’s programs for character and leadership development. – Testing character in unfamiliar and challenging environments. – Encouraging young people to experience discomfort and failure for resilience. To learn more about character and leadership development for young people, visit Overlord Academy’s website here https://theoverlordacademy.com/

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