#076 A Conversation Between Sebastian Bates and Elisabeth Valentine

In this episode, Sebastian Bates discusses his latest book, “Not a Victim,” and his journey from experiencing bullying as a child to becoming an entrepreneur and founder of the Warrior Academy. He emphasizes the importance of character development and shares insights on how parents can help their children build resilience. Sebastian also delves into the world of cyberbullying and online reputation management, providing practical advice for both children and adults. Topics Discussed: – Sebastian’s personal experience with bullying and its impact on his life. – The mission and purpose of the Warrior Academy in developing character in children. – Understanding and redefining the perception of bullying as a means of empowerment. – Strategies for parents to mentor their children through bullying and help them become resilient. – The concept of a “digital black belt” to teach children online safety and reputation management. – Dealing with trolls and negative feedback, turning it into an opportunity for improvement. – Encouraging young people to think big and take risks in pursuit of an extraordinary life. To stay connected and updated with Sebastian Bates, visit SebastianBates.com for more information about his work, books, and social media profiles. You can also book a call or podcast with him through the website. Sebastian continues to create insightful podcast episodes on the Warrior Academy Podcast, providing valuable information and strategies for parents and children to develop character and resilience. Be sure to tune in for more inspiring content. Remember, thinking big, taking risks, and embracing discomfort are key steps toward living an extraordinary life. Follow Warrior Academy Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TheWarriorAcademyLTD

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