#082 Vlog – The Ultimate Test: Instructors Face Grueling Black Belt Grading

  In this episode, we delve into the annual Black Belt Grading for Warrior Academy instructors. This rigorous test challenges seasoned martial artists as they transition into the Warrior Academy syllabus. Join us as we witness their journey through a grueling test of martial arts skills and mental strength. Topics Discussed: – The significance of the Black Belt Grading for Warrior Academy instructors. – The diverse backgrounds and experiences of the instructors, many of whom have multiple black belts in various styles. – Developing versatile martial artists who can excel in multiple disciplines. – The intense warm-up that sets the stage for the entire grading process. – A comprehensive examination of techniques in the Warrior Academy syllabus, including hand and foot techniques, knee strikes, and elbow strikes. – Self-defense evaluations and the mental aspect of handling pressure. – The transition to sparring with increasing intensity. – Ground self-defense skills and the importance of professional groundwork. – The challenging board-breaking segment, including complex techniques. – A grueling fitness test after hours of technical work and sparring. – The final challenge: an ice bath that tests mental resilience and character. – The mentorship and guidance provided during the ice bath experience. If you enjoyed this episode, stay connected with Warrior Academy for more martial arts insights, training tips, and updates on their instructors. Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a review on your favorite podcast platform! Follow Warrior Academy Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TheWarriorAcademyLTD

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