#083 From Refugee Camps to Everest: Mostafa’s Journey of Resilience

In this inspiring episode, our guest, Mostafa, takes us on an incredible journey from growing up in refugee camps to conquering some of the world’s tallest peaks. Discover how his adventurous spirit instilled resilience, curiosity, and the ability to achieve the extraordinary in life. Topics Discussed: – Mostafa’s childhood between refugee camps in Kuwait and Jordan. – The determination to succeed despite financial challenges and limited resources. – The pivotal moment that led Mostafa to the United Kingdom. – Falling in love with Scotland and pursuing higher education. – The role of family and the motivation to provide for loved ones. – The transformational power of mountaineering and adventure. – The importance of believing in your dreams and staying disciplined. – Mostafa’s mission to inspire and fundraise for charities through his mountain adventures. – Upcoming challenges and the bigger picture of making a positive impact. – Encouraging children to embrace adventure and the outdoors. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories and adventures! Remember, there is no failure, only the next try. Join us on this incredible journey of resilience and achievement. Follow Warrior Academy Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TheWarriorAcademyLTD

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