#088 Unlocking the DNA of Young Entrepreneurs: Nature vs. Nurture

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In this episode, we sit down with Angela Soudi, the owner of Junior Gladiator Mastery. Together, we delve into the world of entrepreneurship, answering the question: Is my child an entrepreneur? What is the DNA of an entrepreneur – is it nature or nurture? The discussion extends to fostering an environment that encourages problem-solving skills in young people. But it doesn’t stop there. We also explore parenting resilience and the powerful lessons the marketplace can teach us. Topics Discussed: – Defining Entrepreneurship: Angela shares her entrepreneurial journey and explains what it means to be an entrepreneur. – Soft Skills Workshops: How Angela and her husband started workshops for entrepreneurs, focusing on sales, marketing, and soft skills. – Embracing the Gladiator Theme: The rebranding of their events to the Gladiator Mastery, inspired by their love for history and the business world. – Modern Gladiators: Drawing parallels between ancient gladiators and modern business owners, focusing on the importance of learning to use the tools and skills effectively. – The Birth of Kids’ Programs: The need for child-friendly entrepreneurship education, teaching resourcefulness, critical thinking, problem-solving, and the value of failure. – Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made: Angela and the host explore the nature versus nurture debate and the role of DNA and upbringing in becoming an entrepreneur. – The Power of Failure: The importance of teaching kids the value of failure and the role it plays in success and resilience.

– Encouraging Creativity: The significance of allowing children to think creatively and solve problems without imposing limitations. – Signs of Entrepreneurial Spirit: Identifying potential entrepreneurs in children through their problem-solving tendencies and early business ventures. – The Impact of Disruptive Behavior: Discussing how disruptive behavior might be a sign of untapped entrepreneurial skills and the importance of guiding these skills in a positive direction.


If you’re interested in exploring entrepreneurship with your children or want to learn more about Angela Soudi’s work, you can stay connected and updated by visiting her website, social media channels, or participating in their programs. Don’t hesitate to nurture your child’s entrepreneurial spirit and help them sharpen their skills. Thank you for joining us in this enlightening discussion about entrepreneurship, resilience, and the exciting world of the Junior Gladiator Mastery program. Remember, every child has the potential to be a young entrepreneur.

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