#096 How do you Identify?

How confident is your child?

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In this enlightening episode of the Warrior Academy Podcast, the focus is on the profound impact of identity, especially among young people. Hosted by an expert in character development, the discussion delves into the way we identify ourselves and how that influences our actions and behaviors. The episode explores the importance of using language that empowers and uplifts individuals, emphasizing that identity is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Discover the transformational story of a young boy with ADHD and how a shift in identity and language led to a remarkable change in behavior. Join the conversation and learn how the words we use can shape the identity and future of our youth.

Topics Discussed:

– The significance of identity, especially among young people.

– How the way we speak to ourselves shapes our self-fulfilling prophecies.

– The impact of labeling and identity on confidence and behavior.

– Shifting negative self-talk to constructive language.

– The story of a young boy with ADHD and a transformative change in identity.

– Empowering individuals through language and responsibility.

– The role of language in character development and inspiring positive change.

– A deeper look into the Warrior Academy’s character development method: Community, Inspire, Challenge, Lead.

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