#098 A Conversation With Dubai’s Most Authentic Head Teacher

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In this episode, we sit down with Bret Girven, the headmaster of Arbor School in Dubai. We delve into various topics, including the challenges of running a school in a transient city like Dubai, the importance of character development versus academics, and the school’s unique approach to education, which focuses on ecological principles. Bret also shares his perspective on handling the issue of bullying, especially in a culturally diverse environment. This insightful conversation touches upon the core values of education and the importance of authenticity in school management.

Topics Discussed:

– The challenges of managing a school in a transient city like Dubai. – The importance of character development and soft skills in education. – Authenticity in school management and setting realistic expectations. – The balance between academics and character development. – The need for a shift in how schools are assessed, focusing on character development. – Addressing bullying with a proactive and restorative approach. – The positive influence of cultural diversity on reducing bullying in schools.

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