#098 Academic Year Kickoff: Laser Tag Fun with Warrior Academy’s Dream Team

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In this episode, we’re diving into an exciting team event, which is a significant yearly tradition marking the start of the new academic year. Our team heads to X Strike, a laser tag facility designed for adults, for an action-packed adventure. Listen in as we share the experience and the significance of this event for our team.

Topics Discussed:

A thrilling team event to kickstart the new academic year. The venue, X Strike a laser tag facility for adults. Team bonding and stepping out of our comfort zones. Preparing for the busiest season of the year with 250 new students expected. The importance of working collectively as a team. The fun and challenges of laser tag. Personal highlights and memorable moments. Stepping outside of our comfort zones to have a blast. The physical demands and teamwork involved. The great organization and fun provided by Dan and Charlie.

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Thank you for joining us for this thrilling team event, and we look forward to sharing more exciting experiences and insights with you.

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