#099 Is Physical Bullying, Just Bullying or is it Assault?

How confident is your child?

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In this Episode of The Warrior Academy Podcast, we delve into the important topic of bullying and assault. Join us as we explore the key differences between these two forms of mistreatment and how they can affect a child’s character. We’ll also discuss the power of mindset and how individuals can choose their path after experiencing trauma.

Topics Discussed:

– The impact of bullying on a child’s character. – How insecurities can attract bullies. – The difference between typical bullying and physical assault. – The impossibility of preventing physical assault in some cases. – Choosing how to respond to traumatic experiences. – The two potential routes after an assault: Post Traumatic Growth or a victim mindset. – The importance of not letting trauma define you. – Seeking the positive and taking ownership of your life. – Exploring the concept of Extreme Ownership. – The power of choice in defining one’s path. – An invitation to subscribe to The Warrior Academy Podcast and YouTube channel.

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We hope you found this episode enlightening and look forward to sharing more valuable content with you in the future.

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