#102 Part 1: The World of Bullying Chapter 1: The World Has Changed: Are You Ready? (Part 10)

How confident is your child?

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In this episode of the Warrior Academy Podcast, Sebastian Bates, the founder of the Warrior Academy and the podcast’s host, shares a chapter from his book titled “Not a Victim.” This book, written in 2021, is dedicated to helping parents guide their children through the challenging transition of dealing with bullying. The chapter aims to provide listeners with valuable insights and tools to prepare their children for the eventualities of bullying, empowering them to face life’s obstacles with resilience and confidence.

Topics Discussed:

-The importance of proactive preparation for bullying. -Addressing the negative effects of bullying, both external and internal. -The role of pain, discomfort, and adversity in personal growth. -Preparing children to respond effectively to bullying. -The significance of knowledge and readiness in bullying prevention. -An invitation to complete the “bully readiness assessment” to measure resilience to bullying.

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