#103 Beyond Boundaries: A Journey with Adam the OT

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In this episode, we explore the transformative power of pediatric occupational therapy and martial arts with Adam Griffin, a dedicated occupational therapist based in Dubai. Discover how these combined techniques help children with additional needs, including those on the spectrum, ADHD, autism, and other disabilities, navigate life’s practical challenges, gain confidence, and achieve success.

Topics Discussed:

– Introduction to Adam and his role as a pediatric occupational therapist. – The importance of making occupational therapy more accessible and inclusive. – The role of emotional investment in a child’s self-improvement and confidence. – Adam’s three laws of learning: fun, clarity, and accessibility. – The significance of handwriting as a common challenge and its impact on children’s motivation. – The evolution of occupational therapy and inclusivity in Dubai over the years. – Collaborative efforts between parents, therapists, and teachers for inclusive education. – The practical challenges faced by children and the role of occupational therapy. – The connection between martial arts and OT in empowering young people.

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