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A World Class Team

🏆 Our Team are Voted Top 5 in the UK.

🎓 We’ve studied martial arts for over 25 years, competing proffessionally around the world.

✅ Our Founder Sebastian Bates is a Best Selling Author on Character Development through Martial Arts.

✅ Our Instructors are known as some of the best in the world.

✅ Your child will be in excellent care with Instructor Seb and Vicky teaching them.

Sebastian Bates
Victoria Malden

A Recent Survey to over 1000 Warrior Academy Parents.

100% of Parents saw an increase in Confidence in their child, on average up by 26%

100% of Parents saw an improvement in their child’s focus resulting in an average improvement in their grades of 23.3%

93% saw a visible improvement in behaviour in their child, resulting in less stress at home, stating we had improved their “Quality-Family-Time”

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