Upcoming Events

12th November – Winter Warrior – 1pm to 7pm – pre subscription details can be found HERE

TBD December – Not a Victim Workshop with Sebastian Bates – more details to come ..

18th December – Pizza Movie Night & Winter Market – more details to come ..

Character Development Workshop

Parents who use our workbook with their students develop 3 x faster. By doing this workshop you will MAXIMISE the benefit you gain from our programme.


✅ About your childs 3 C’s and their Breakthrough Area.

✅ How to plan a successful term for your child.

✅ How to develop a daily habit routine.

✅ How to use WarriorNet to massively improve technique.

✅ Ensure you always reinforced their success and re-wire their motivation.

✅ How to implement goals and rewards into their routine for massive results.

✅ The 8 year Black Belt Journey your child is on.

Not A Victim Workshop

In our Insightful, informative and interactive workshop, you will leave with a new perspective on bullying and a plan to transform your child’s character.


✅ How to feel better equipped to deal with incidents of bullying.

✅ The 6 Step Not a Victim System to mentor your child through bullying.

✅ How to transform your child’s character during this difficult transition.