Grading FAQ


What is a Grading?
We would like to inform you about an upcoming technical assessment (Grading) that we will be holding in class.

How Often Are Gradings Held? 
Gradings are held every 3 months. Students do not necessarily grade every time. Attendance and technical ability as well as good behaviour and focus must be very high (See Grading Requirements below).

Where are Gradings Held? 
For all of our students currently, gradings are held in normal class time. Please just come to class as per normal. We do this so that all students can make the gradings without logistics becoming a problem for parents. From Blue Belt level and above (After being with us for 2.5 years as an advanced student) we hold gradings at the weekend as they are 2 hours long instead of 50 minutes long.

Grading Requirements
For your child to be invited to grade they must have the following:
– 5 Stripes on their belt (Green, Yellow, Black, Red, Purple).
– Excellent attendance (80%)
– Excellent behaviour and focus in class.

What if I do not receive an invitation to grade?
Our students do not grade every time, if your child is not invited to grade on this occasion please speak with your instructor and they can point you towards an area of improvement so that they are ready next time. Please come to class regardless as this is a very good opportunity for your child to experience a formal grading environment and have a very technical class which will help them prepare for their grading.

What if I miss my grading for health/logistical reasons? 
We will invite you to the group Zoom Grading 2 weeks later at no extra cost. Alternatively you can pay an additional 250 AED and come to a physical small private Grading. Fee’s are non refundable. If you do not make the grading this time your fee’s will be carried over to the next grading you can attend.

What to bring to the Grading? 
You must bring your full uniform and current belt to the grading. If it is your first grading you will be given your licence book at the graduation (the week after). If you have already had your license book you must bring this. Please also bring sparring kit if you have this (it is required from yellow belt and above).
– Uniform
– Current Belt
– License Book
– Sparring Kit
– Excellent Behaviour and Focus!
Failure to bring all of the above will result in your child being unable to grade.

When do we know if our child has passed or failed? 
We very rarely fail a student on their grading. This is simply because we do not put a child forward unless we believe they are ready. Children will fail their grading if one of the following occurs:
– They display poor behaviour or focus in the formal grading.
– They forget an item from the list above.
– They are not on time.
– Their technique is not displayed well on the day.
If your child has not passed we will inform you via email before the class so that we can manage expectations.

What happens if my child does not pass their grading? 
We will provide each child with 1 free re-try in our next physical grading. There is also the opportunity for a re-test private, small group grading which costs an additional 250 AED + VAT.

When will my child receive their belt? 
Providing your child passes their grading, they will find out 1 week later in class during the “Graduation Ceremony” when we present their belt and their stamped license book.

When are grading fees charged? 
A non refundable Grading Fees is charged at 278 AED + VAT per child, in the case of an advanced grading the fees are  389AED +VAT. These are charged 1 week before the grading, a cleared payment must be registered before the graduation ceremony, otherwise belts and license books will not be provided.  You will be invited to apply for your grading after your child’s pre-grading. The Grading Fee covers:

What Does The Grading Fee Cover?

Gradings cost 278 AED + VAT Per child and cover:
1) The Pre Grading Assessment.
2) WarriorNet Progress Tracking.
3) The processing of the license book (Stamping and cross checking records).
4) The Grading Assessment
5) A Personalised Certificate
6) Grading Awards for the group.
7) A free retry on Zoom should your child not be successful in their physical grading.
8) The cost of the new belt is also covered by the fee.

Why must parents apply for the grading? 
We ask that parents apply for their grading using our form (emailed to parents). This ensures we know that parents have understood the grading process and manually signed up to the process. It also means we have an accurate record of each child we will be moving forward. Failure to apply for a grading using our online form will result in your child not being graded during the grading week.