Annual Membership Offer June 2022


We are offering 50 members the chance to have a huge reduction in their membership, from 633 to 397. To secure this offer a payment covering the full year (397×12 = 5002 AED ex. VAT ) must be paid. We also ask that you read and agree to our T’s and C’s (it’s the same as our normal membership terms but an extended period).

Want to SUPERCHARGE your annual membership this year? We’re offering a whopping 50% discount on 2x per week memberships. Get the benefits of our Character Development Programme faster, see rapid growth in confidence, conduct and concentration at a massively discounted price this time.

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1 Child 1x Per Week, 2 Children 1x Per Week, 3 Children 1x Per Week, 4 Children 1x Per Week, 1 Child 2x Per Week, 2 Children 2x Per Week, 3 Children 2x Per Week, 4 Children 2x Per Week