Aaron Taylor

Head Of Growth / Instructor

Aaron has been training in martial arts for over three decades and achieved two black belts in this time. A 2nd Dan in ITF Tae Kwon Do, and a 1st Dan in Freestyle. He also currently holds a 4 stripe blue belt in Ji Jitsu. He will also be grading for his 3rd Dan in ITF in the near future.

Growing up in the South West of the U.K. Aaron competed in multiple national competitions earning several junior titles and championships.

Aaron has trained across the world, including multiple Muay Thai camps in Phuket, Thailand where he trained and learned from several of the UFC’s top fighters, as well as the legendary Tiger Muay Thai trainers. He brings these skills and experiences to The Warrior Academy so that he is able to deliver inspiring, diverse and exciting classes for his students.

Outside of his teaching duties, Aaron is the head of growth where he helps to grow the business which reflects his desire to help everyone around him grow, progress and develop. He also carries SEN, mindful parenting and first aid certifications.