Fedi Bahri

Martial Arts Instructor
Brief info

My name is Fedi Bahri and i'm from Tunisia I'm Ex Champion in Taekwondo with 3 Gold medals, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze in the National Tunisian Taekwondo Championships. I was also Licensed in 2013 as Teacher of Physical Education and at the same time I was Graduated as Coach with a Second Degree in Taekwondo. I have 9 years experience in Training students in this discipline and I have generated many Champions, both National and International in Taekwondo. I have the passion to help all of my Students find the right path, along with this it is my goal to help my Students become a better person inside the dojo and out.

In 2022 I obtained my 4th Dan in Taekwondo .

My ambition is to help Warrior Academy with Student progression and to develop elite athletes.

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