Jack Collingham

Martial Arts Instructor
Brief info

I have a 1st Dan Black Belt in Karate and have been practising martial arts for 15 years. I began my Black Belt journey from the age of 11 and trained in several clubs around the South East of England.

When I achieved my black belt it was such a great feeling and I will always cherish that moment, I remember my dad's face and him being so proud and it really meant the world to me.

I earned my black belt but only then is where my martial arts journey really began. I competed in several tournaments travelling all over the UK. I also began instructing for my original karate dojo where I first began my karate journey. At the age of 20 I started focusing more in the gym and earned my level 2 fitness instructor qualification.

At this time I then moved on to some other forms of martial arts which were Mauy Thai and kickboxing. I will always have a very deep passion for martial arts as it has not only made me who I am today but more importantly it has taught me discipline, confidence, respect, technique abilities and skills. I am dedicated to inspire other students with my experience and knowledge.

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