Warrior Academy Changes

Changes we have made:

*The following changes have been made since we last changed our prices (within the last 24 months). The additional features below, are in fact completely unique to any Academy in the UAE (not just within Martial Arts, but with children’s activities or education).

Catch Up Calls

We set ourselves the goal in 2021 to give more feedback to parents. Our solution was catch up calls and they have been a HUGE hit. These are non rushed, 30 minute catch up call to all parents every 8-10 weeks. We analyse your child’s 3 C’s using the BreakthroughAreaAssessment™ and set realistic goals while challenging you and your little warrior to grow together. As a team we spend over 100 hours per week on these catch up calls.

Specialist Character Development Centre 

In 2020 we moved from hiring halls, to becoming the only specialist character development centre in the UAE. We were Noted as Dubai’s leading martial arts Academy in the process and now offer more than 100 classes at different times throughout the week.

Complimentary hot drinks 

We have decided to offer complimentary drinks, rather than charge our members for drinks. This creates a welcoming atmosphere and makes our Warrior Family feel at home. We now give out roughly 700 cups of tea/coffee per month, absolutely free to our busy parents, so please do join us for a cup!

Digital Black Belt

We partnered with Barry Lee Cummings, one of the worlds leading cyber safety experts for children to develop the digital black belt. This is now completely built into our syllabus so our Seniors and above are trained in our system on how to defend themselves online.

Instructors Development

Our Instructors team has grown rapidly and now includes World Champions, Olympians and British Champions. On top of the normal expected professional development (First aid, Health and Safety etc) we invest heavily on a world class ongoing development package that attracts talented instructors and separates us from other Academies in the region and covers:
– In depth (SEN) Special Educational Needs training.
– Digital Black Belt and Cyber Safety Training

– Certified Mindful Parenting training.


In 2020 we launched WarriorNet, one of the worlds most extensive martial arts virtual environments with 700+ Martial Arts classes. Totally accessible to students, guiding them from white belt to black belt. We launched this at a cost of 198 AED per month with hundreds signed up around the world. Rather than charge for this separately, we included this into our membership.

Zoom Catch Up Classes

Since our inception in the UAE, Catch up classes have not been permitted as our classes were capped in capacity at 13 (and still are). However, we now offer zoom classes as an additional option to catching up on WarriorNet for our members.

Prices 2019-2021 / Prices 2022

*All Prices excluding VAT

Overall, the changes above over the last 2 years have increased our costs by around 20%. Along with inflation and increased cost of kit, rent and staff salaries, we must now increase our membership fee’s by a minimum of 5%.

So that we can continue to deliver an exceptional service to our members,  we typically re-assess our fee’s yearly and parents can expect a 2-3% increase each year, in line with inflation. We have deliberately kept prices the same for 2 years, however, due to the uncertainty over the pandemic for many families.


Sibling discount of 100 AED remains the same.
Basic Membership: 597 / 633 (Siblings 533)
Premium Membership: 997 / 1057 (Siblings 957)


Junior / Senior Gradings: 250 / 265
Advanced Gradings: 350 / 371

Black Belt Gradings: 500 / 530


Uniforms: 250 / 265
Upper Sparring Kit: 300 / 350
Lower Sparring Kit: 315 / 385
Kit Bag: 210
Full Sparring Kit: 840