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Voted as the UAE’s leading martial arts club and the only specialist Character Development Centre in the Middle East.
Our classes are small, personal and taught by a world class British Team consisting of national, world champions, personal trainers to the Royal Family and best selling authors in the area of Character Development.

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90% of parents said their child’s conduct improved and 100% of parents stated their child’s confidence and concentration increased from being part of Warrior Academy. – 2017 survey to over 1000 Warrior Academy Parents.

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No. Rated Podcast Worldwide

The Warrior Academy Confidence Accelerator Programme.

Learn more about our Money Back Guarantee as part of our Confidence Accelerator Programme. If you don’t see an improvement in your child’s confidence at the end of 4 weeks, we will give you your money back. Learn more by clicking the button below.

Confidence Accelerator Programme Money back guarantee
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Our Instructors

Aaron Taylor

Aaron Taylor

Martial Arts Instructor / Area Manager

Martial arts is a lifelong journey. Helping to instill the core principles in young people’s lives is it’s own reward.

Charlie Fairhead

Charlie Fairhead

Martial Arts Instructor


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    Have you ever found yourself in a quandary trying to determine the best after school activities for your child? It can be a perplexing task, given the sea of options available. This article, however, aims to help you navigate this journey.

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    Navigating the path of making new friend groups at school can often feel akin to embarking on a sea voyage towards the horizon. As a parent, watching your child manoeuvre through this social labyrinth can be as exhilarating as it is nerve-wracking. So, how can you support your child's journey in constructing new social circles at school? This article aims to delve deeper into this quest and provide actionable steps to facilitate your child's social growth.

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    Understanding the Transition To A New School Switching to a new school constitutes a major milestone in any child's life, filled with mixed emotions of anticipation, fear, and nervousness. Often, this transition is akin to stepping into an entirely new world with new teachers, new classmates, and new routines.


Warrior Academy Podcast

It’s all starting with a very raw, practical and personal guide into how to mentor your child through bullying. Bullying is such a major topic that not only affects the child but the WHOLE family. I’m going to be going through 6 very practical steps that I’ve used to take children through this difficult transition rapidly. It’s something parents in our community can use immediately.


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