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The Warrior Academy was founded in 2011 by Head Instructor, Sebastian Bates. Sebastian’s vision for developing the character of young people stems from his own experiences within martial arts. After travelling the world, competing and studying 6 different styles of martial arts Sebastian returned to build his own Martial Arts school. Starting in a small rural village with 10 students, the Warrior Academy was born. Word quickly spread and within 7 years the Warrior Academy has grown to 40 locations and over 1000 students go through The Warrior Academy Programme each year.

Warrior Academy


After returning from training camps across Thailand, Sebastian forms Warrior Thai Boxing an adult Muay Thai club with a focus on competition and performance.

After seeing the huge developments in the teenagers in the class, Sebastian launches “The Warrior Academy” on the 17th May focusing on developing the Character of young people. With a small club in a primary school in rural England.

The Warrior Academy quickly grows to over 200 students across the South West of England.

After reaching 300 students, the Warrior Team grows with Instructors Vicky and Matt joining the team, bringing the UK to 50 clubs with over 1,000 students going through the programme each year.

The Warrior Method written by Sebastian is released and becomes a best selling book. Sebastian is invited to schools in Dubai to teach our 4 Step Methodology to over 2,000 students and TWA Sports Services in Dubai is formed.

The Warrior Academy quickly gains popularity in Dubai, with members including the Royal Family, and in one year grows to over 30 clubs with almost 500 members training each week.

The Warrior team in Dubai expands with Instructors Janelle and Aaron joining our small team of Instructors delivering classes across Dubai.

Warrior Academy opens its first Character Development Centre in the heart of Dubai, teaching over 300 students per week.

What We Offer
“We want to enrich each child’s life so that they go on to live a brilliant and compelling life outside of the dojo. “ – Sebastian Bates

We provide world class martial arts and character development tuition in Dubai.

Our Mission Statement:
There is incredible power at the intersection of Martial Arts and Character Development. For thousands of years martial arts has been one of the most effective tools of self-development.
At The Warrior Academy we harness this power and pride ourselves on our ability to bring communities together through martial arts. We inspire young people to seek challenge and adventure; teaching them to challenge the status quo, transforming their mindset preparing them for an adult life filled with opportunity.

Our vision is to be one of the world’s leading character development organisations, inspiring young people to make a global impact from the lessons they have learnt through our programme.

We have noticed a shift, despite huge technological advances and a modern lifestyle we are seeking to be more in touch with who we are, where we have come from, with nature and with traditional values.

“We are looking at the past for ancient solutions to solve our modern problems” – The Warrior Method

We believe there is nothing else out there like martial arts to develop a young person’s Character. Combining modern teaching methods with traditional values and a moral code we have established an excellent methodology which embraces this shift to great effect.

Ways you can join us on our mission…

As a Parent: We have 4 intakes each year where we enrol new students onto our programme. Each club has a waiting list and we require parents to have an informal introduction call to establish goals and values before being accepted onto the programme. We want to make sure our club is right for you and match your child with the perfect class. You can book in your introduction call here: https://warrioracademy.ae/trial/

As a Partner: Are you part of an influential brand or organisation that seeks to solve the same problems we do? We are always looking to partner with other companies as we believe we can do far more together. Educators, Distributers, Media, Charities – we would love to hear from you and we have an exciting referral programme.

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