Jasmine Navara

Award-winning Certified Family & Executive Well-being Expert

Now that I have gained the necessary resources and knowledge, I hope to help others who are struggling with similar issues. I want to help young people avoid the pitfalls I encountered and achieve fulfillment and happiness in the present rather than waiting 15 years for it to come.

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StarBright Therapy

StarBright Early Intervention Center

StarBright Speech provides high quality assessment and intervention to children with speech, language and swallowing disorders. We provide professional development training to teachers on how to differentiate for students with speech difficulties. We work with families as well to guide them in providing the best home environments to support their children through alternative communication strategies.

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The Overlord Academy

The first ever military-inspired adventure cadet club in Dubai

Overlord are not the Scouts and we are not the army cadets, but they are definitely a hybrid of the two. A blend of both worlds, a fusion of two great organisations that offer countless opportunities for young people to thrive and develop. They are a new adventure cadet force, aimed at 7 – 16 year olds, led and operated by ex-British army instructors known as The Overlord Academy.

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Barry Lee Cummings

Chief Awareness Officer

Barry Lee Cummings is a world leading expert in cyber safety and Founder of Beat The Cyber Bully. He is a sought after speaker, trainer and digital strategist who has been helping companies in the Middle East leverage their digital presence.

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Pascale Baaklini

Pascale discovered the power of coaching & mindfulness while seeking fulfillment in her fast moving corporate life and striving for balance at home, mental health and wellbeing.

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