Jasmine Navara

Award-winning Certified Family & Executive Well-being Expert

Hi everyone, I’m Jasmine Navarro, founder of NAVA.

During my late teens and early twenties, I faced some unexpected personal issues including traumatic grief, and was expected to choose a career path. I found myself ill-equipped to make such a significant decision and felt overwhelmed. Eventually, I decided to leave everything behind and went abroad to teach, living in 11 countries across 3 continents for over 15 years. Although these experiences enriched my life, I realized that I was stuck, constantly seeking happiness and fulfillment in the next country I traveled to.

However, my life only truly changed when I started working on myself. Now that I have gained the necessary resources and knowledge, I hope to help others who are struggling with similar issues. I want to help young people avoid the pitfalls I encountered and achieve fulfillment and happiness in the present rather than waiting 15 years for it to come. I also understand the importance of happy and healthy families and want to help them feel connected and overcome their challenges.

If you are seeking change for yourself or a family member, life coaching can be beneficial. Remember that change begins within ourselves, and with the belief that we can take that big leap of faith.