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Sebastian Bates

The Founder Of The Warrior Academy


Sebastian Bates Founder of The Warrior Academy



Sebastian Bates is the Founder and CEO of the Warrior Academy and The Bates Foundation charity.

Originally from the UK, Sebastian has over 25 years of experience in 6 different styles of martial arts as well as a strong competition background competing from amateur to professional level both nationally and internationally.

Sebastian originally started Martial Arts as a child to develop his confidence and help him transition through bullying.

“Character Development is the most important yet often missing aspect of a child’s education, it literally influences every decision they make as they grow older”

The confidence and resilience Martial Arts gave Sebastian led him to pursue extreme challenges and adventures around the world. From Cycling across the Sahara desert as a teenager, to completing over 500 Skydives and wing suit base jumps.

Sebastian is the author of two best selling books, The Warrior Method (2018) and Not a Victim (2021).

Sebastian Bates
“At the core of our methodology lies one simple goal, to give each child a “Black Belt Character” that sets them up for a happy and successful life as an adult”.

Having worked with over 30,000 families around the world across 7 countries and 3 continents, Sebastian is also the former trainer and character development advisor to multiple high profile families, including the Royal Families of the UAE and Jordan.

As a thought leader on the topics of Anti Bullying and Character Development, Sebastian is invited to speak globally on these important topics. Advocating for a higher focus on soft skill development within education, Sebastian created the Warrior Academy

Sebastian has won multiple national and international awards for the Warrior Academy Programme, its transformations, as an entrepreneur and business owner and also for his philanthropic work.

A huge element of Sebastians ethos is that we should encourage young people to understand that they have the ability to impact the world for good. As part of this mission, Sebastian Founded the Bates Foundation a global scholarship programme that sponsors over 3,000 children in orphanages, slums, rural primary schools and homeless shelters in developing countries.

Warrior method and not a victim book