The Vision of the Warrior Academy: Inspiring a Global Impact

The Warrior Academy’s vision is to inspire a generation to make a global impact. Our aim is to encourage children to think creatively and consider how they can positively affect the world. The Warrior Academy has always prioritized a giving culture, integral to our organization’s heart. Our various programs focus on mentoring children through significant life changes.


Global Impact and Charity Initiatives

The Warrior Academy’s global impact vision is not just theoretical; it’s practical. We have been donating significant amounts to charity over the past 12-13 years. Our partnership with B1G1 has allowed us to contribute to life-saving initiatives globally. For example, we’ve provided clean water in Ethiopia, bicycles in Cambodia, and e-learning in India. These donations are tied to our Academy’s activities in the UK.


Local Scholarships and Community Support

Our local scholarship initiative began with partnerships with children’s hospices, like Julia’s House in Southwest England, and expanded to supporting military families. We provide tuition and support to children, especially those undergoing difficult transitions, including the loss of siblings or parents being away on military duty. These scholarships have had profound impacts on students, parents, and our team.


Founding the Bates Foundation

To expand our efforts, the Bates Foundation was created. Peter Bates, Sebastian’s father, with his extensive experience in charity work and a deep understanding of martial arts and character development, has become the COO of the Bates Foundation. This initiative has allowed us to extend our reach to developing countries, dealing with challenges such as education, health, and social issues.


Expanding Globally: Kenya, Nepal, and Beyond

Our expansion in Kenya has been a significant success, where we’ve established clubs and worked with local charities. In Nepal, we’ve partnered with charities like the Laxmi foundation to train over 200 orphans. Our plans include expanding to Sri Lanka, India, Tunisia, the Philippines, and Brazil by the end of 2024.


How This Impacts Your Child

Our vision at the Warrior Academy is not just about global impact but involves a deeper lesson in participation and responsibility. When your child wears their Warrior Academy uniform, it symbolizes their commitment to this journey and identity. We encourage our students to donate their old uniforms to children in need globally, creating a tangible connection and impact.


The Bates Foundation and Its Emblem

The Bates Foundation, aligned with the Warrior Academy’s vision, uses a thumbprint as its emblem. This represents the unique impact each individual can have. You’ll start seeing this symbol on all Warrior Academy uniforms and materials, symbolizing our members’ global impact.


The Warrior Academy Podcast and Breakthrough Area Assessment

Hopefully this has been inspirational and given insights into our commitment to impacting young people’s lives positively. Currently, half of our members are paying, and the other half are on local scholarships in developing countries, supported by our dedicated team. To stay updated, subscribe to our podcast and YouTube channel.


Developing Your Child’s Character: Confidence, Conduct, and Concentration

For parents interested in deepening their understanding of their child’s character, we offer the Breakthrough area assessment. This tool provides a personalized report on your child’s confidence, concentration, and conduct levels. To access this assessment and discover your child’s 3C score, visit