In this exciting LIVE interview, we are joined by Mari Williams, The Mind Architect. Mari is an Executive Coach, Therapist and Conflict Mediator. She works with Leaders, organisations, individuals and entrepreneurs. Mari has experience working with couple relationships and parent child and uses a bespoke model that combines neuroscience, mindset, therapy and creating new behaviours to get you to a thriving state where you can reach your potential. Mari works with people to can help them pull together ALL the threads of your life which means you can create balance across your whole life. I also work with neurodiversity, ADHD, Asperger’s, Dyslexia and more to help you lean in to this extra power. Today Mari and I will be discussing neurology, a huge key at teenage stage as it can cause conflict/confusion. We will be discussing why the lockdown needs to be managed well by parents, how peers are key and why this period can be a nightmare for sleep and how to improve this, we will also be talking about stress and how to manage and reduce stress.