How confident is your child?

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Sebastian Bates, founder of Warrior Academy and host of the Warrior Podcast, shares insights from his book, “Not a Victim.” The book, written in 2021, aims to assist parents in mentoring their children through the challenging transition of dealing with bullying. Sebastian encourages listeners to explore the audiobook or physical book available on platforms like Spotify, Audible, or Amazon.

– Addressing the Inevitability of Stress and Bullying

– Proactive Parental Role in Preparing Children for Bullying

– Empowering Children with Tools to Face Life’s Obstacles

– Understanding Stress and Trauma Dynamics

– The “Freeze, Flight, Fight, and Fright” Stress Responses

– Automatic Nature of the Fright Stress Response

– People’s Tendency to Freeze or Flee in Stressful Situations

– Training Children to Confront Threats and Challenges

– Introducing the Less-Known “Flow” Response

– Flow as an Optimal State for Human Performance

– Training Flow as an Important Skill for Children

– Distinguishing Flow from the Notion of Life Being Easy

Thank you for tuning in to this insightful chapter from “Not a Victim.” To delve deeper into your child’s Confidence, concentration, and conduct, participate in the Breakthrough Area Assessment. This quick assessment provides a personalized PDF report to help understand and enhance your child’s three C’s. Access the assessment at

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