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Join us in a profound conversation with Ferdinand Marellec, co-founder of Tribes Superhuman, as we delve into the deeper aspects of life, human existence, and the transformative power of breathwork. This episode explores the philosophy of being human, the significance of emotional connection, and the journey towards a happier and healthier life through intentional breathwork practices.

Topics Discussed:

-The importance of reconnecting with one’s emotions for a deeper connection with oneself

-The impact of strong emotions on decision-making and life experiences

-Embracing deep emotions as a part of being alive and the transformative power of letting go

-Insights into Ferdinand Marellec’ approach to promoting a happier and healthier life through breathwork

-The significance of events and wellness services in Dubai, addressing stress states and the ability to digest emotions

-Entrepreneurship and the pressure to create and build a meaningful life

-The role of processing pressure and emotions in achieving a balanced and fulfilling life

-Ferdinand Marellec’ personal journey of disconnection and reconnection with emotions, highlighting the modern world’s challenge in staying connected with feelings

Thank you for joining this insightful conversation. To stay connected with more thought-provoking discussions and explore the transformative practices of Tribes Superhuman, follow Ferdinand Marellec and the Tribe community online. For international wellness services and upcoming events, visit and be part of the journey toward a more vibrant and connected life.

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