How confident is your child?

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Join Sebastian Bates, founder of the Warrior Academy, and host of the Work Podcast, as he shares a poignant chapter from his book, “Not a Victim.” In this episode, Sebastian offers insights and strategies to help parents mentor their children through the challenging experience of bullying. Discover the importance of proactive preparation, empowerment, and building resilience in guiding children through life’s obstacles.

Topics Discussed:

-Introduction to Sebastian Bates and the Warrior Academy

-Overview of the book “Not a Victim” and its purpose in assisting parents with mentoring their children through bullying

-Sebastian’s recommendation to listen to a chapter from the audiobook to understand the book’s essence

-Addressing the inevitability of bullying as a difficult life transition

-Empowering children to face bullying through proactive parental guidance

-Chapter Three: “Breaking Bullying Down” – Understanding martial arts, black belts, and preparing for challenges

-The truth about bullying: Distilling knowledge and experience into bullying truths

-Key bullying truths: Bullying as part of the human condition, the need for change in the bullied, family impact, emotional triggers, and predictability

-Importance of building resilience in children to cope with bullying

-Invitation to engage with the Warrior Academy for in-depth insights into a child’s competence, conduct, and concentration through the breakthrough area assessment

Thank you for tuning in to this episode of the Warrior Academy Podcast. To stay connected with Sebastian Bates and receive updates on empowering your child against bullying, explore the audiobook “Not a Victim” on Spotify, Audible, or Amazon.

For a paper-based book or to dive deeper into your child’s three C’s (confidence, conduct, and concentration), participate in the breakthrough area assessment at Join the Warrior Academy community and equip your child with essential tools for character development.

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