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In this episode, Sebastian Bates engages in a compelling conversation with Lucy Howard, a representative of the anti-bullying charity “Bullies Out” and a former Detective Chief Inspector in the Metropolitan Police. The discussion delves into the challenges young people face in the digital world, emphasizing the need for a nuanced understanding of their experiences and effective strategies to combat online bullying.

Topics Discussed:

Generation Gap Realities: – Acknowledgment of the disconnect between adult ideas and the lived experiences of young people in the digital age. – Discussion on the constricted context in which young people navigate their existence compared to adults.

The Unpleasant Reality of Bullying: – Recognition of bullying as a regrettable part of the human experience. – Optimistic outlook on the increasing awareness of bullying and its potential for positive change.

Introduction to Lucy Howard and her Background: – Lucy’s role in the anti-bullying charity “Bullies Out.” – A glimpse into Lucy’s past as a Detective Chief Inspector in the Metropolitan Police and her role in the Director of Professional Standards.

Transition from Police Career to Anti-Bullying Advocacy: – Lucy’s career transition journey and the importance of introspective work. – Exploration of finding alternative ways to protect and keep people safe, leading to involvement in the anti-bullying world.

Impact of Career Break and Reflection: – The significance of taking a career break for self-reflection. – Lucy’s realization that values of protecting and keeping people safe remained, prompting her to explore new avenues.

Navigating Career Changes: – Insights into mentoring and coaching for individuals contemplating career changes. – Discussion on challenging oneself to reevaluate career choices beyond institutionalized roles

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