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Sebastian Bates, founder of The Warrior Academy, and host of the Work Podcast, shares a chapter from his book, “Not a Victim.” The book, written in 2021, aims to help parents guide their children through the challenging transition of bullying. Bates emphasizes the importance of proactive parenting in preparing children to face bullying, empowering them with tools to overcome life’s obstacles.

Topics Discussed:

1. Beyond Physical Bullying: Bates introduces various types of bullying beyond the commonly perceived physical bullying. Mental or emotional bullying, cyberbullying, and self-bullying (both mental and physical) are discussed. Life’s challenges are likened to a form of bullying, and recognizing self-bullying is crucial.

2. Self-Bullying: Bates highlights the often-overlooked aspect of self-bullying and its potential impact on a child’s self-image. Children might internalize negative perceptions from external bullying, leading to self-bullying. Teaching children about self-bullying helps them recognize it without judgment and cope better.

3. Personal Story – Manos: Bates shares a personal story illustrating the long-term impact of a childhood event on a person’s mental health. Manos recounts an incident of wetting himself in school, which led to deep-seated anxiety and self-bullying. The story emphasizes the importance of addressing such incidents promptly and seeking support.

4. Impact of Self-Bullying: Self-bullying can manifest in various forms, including anxiety, shame, and insecurity. Manos reflects on the significant impact self-bullying had on his academic life and mental well-being.

5. Teaching Strategies for Parents: Encouraging parents to address incidents seriously and avoid downplaying their significance. Highlighting the need to teach children how to protect themselves from non-physical threats, including internal ones. Recognizing that self-bullying can extend to physical neglect, impacting a child’s overall health.

Sebastian Bates concludes the chapter by emphasizing the importance of recognizing and addressing self-bullying. Parents are encouraged to teach their children strategies for coping with non-physical threats and seeking help when needed. The episode concludes with an invitation to listeners to participate in the Breakthrough Area Assessment for insights into their child’s competence, conduct, and concentration.

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