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In this insightful episode, Dr. Sandy and Ella discuss the transformative power of mindfulness in parenting, shedding light on the importance of mental health for young children. Dr. Sandy, a physician turned holistic mental health advocate, shares her journey and the shift from medication-focused approaches to embracing mindfulness, yoga, and holistic practices. The conversation covers the challenges of modern parenting, the impact of social media on children, and the need for a more holistic education system.

Topics Discussed:

1. Introduction to Dr. Sandy and Ella’s perspective on mindfulness in parenting.

2. Dr. Sandy’s transition from traditional medicine to holistic mental health practices.

3. The challenges of the medication-centric approach in the US and its impact.

4. The global perception of mindfulness, meditation, and its evolution over time.

5. Practical ways to introduce mindfulness to children through activities like yoga, meditation, and more.

6. Addressing the pressure on parents, societal expectations, and the comparison culture.

7. The impact of screens and social media on children’s mental health.

8. Strategies for mindful parenting, self-compassion, and understanding triggers.

9. Dr. Sandy’s workshops on mindful parenting and the upcoming membership program.

10. The significance of teaching soft skills, empathy, and character development in schools.

11. Ella’s personal journey and book on yoga for children.

To deepen your understanding of your child’s competence, conduct, and concentration, take the Breakthrough Area Assessment. For ongoing insights and practical tips, consider subscribing to Dr. Sandy’s membership program when it launches.

Remember, you cannot pour from an empty cup; start with one minute of mindfulness and let your family join the journey.

To learn more about Dr. Sandy’s book and teachings, visit her website or check out her book on Amazon, available globally.

Thank you for joining this episode on mindful parenting. Stay connected for more valuable insights and resources to enhance your parenting journey.

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