In this episode, Sebastian Bates, founder of the Warrior Academy and host of the Warrior Academy podcast, shares a chapter from his book “Not a Victim,” aimed at helping parents mentor their children through the difficult transition of bullying. He discusses the impacts of bullying and provides insights to help parents recognize and address bullying effectively.

Topics Discussed:

• Introduction to “Not a Victim” and its aim to help parents mentor their children through bullying • Signs that your child may be experiencing bullying • Three common impacts of bullying:   • Risk: Bullying impacts decision-making, relationship formation, goal-setting, and mentoring approaches.   • Resilience: Bullying can hinder the development of resilience and self-reliance in children.   • Perfectionism and avoidance: Bullying can lead to a drive for perfectionism or an avoidance of challenges, limiting personal growth and resilience. • Empowering children to face life’s obstacles and challenges independently • Invitation to fill in the Breakthrough Area Assessment to understand your child’s levels of confidence, conduct, and concentration

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