Because of the wonderful feedback we received from parents over the last month, we are able to quickly improve what we offer… here’s a little list of each point, followed by a breakdown of how we will be improving! 
MORE Feedback on how my Warrior is doing!
Parent and child classes!
Shorter emails!
Divide the groups more by ability
What can students do beyond Black Belt? Clear guidance please 🙂
Informing parents when an Instructor is changing
Adult classes + Ladies Self Defence!
More weapons in class and in Rode/Frome.
Sit ups – dangerous for students backs
Family Orientated.
A club in Frome.
Day camps in school holidays.
More Sparring.
Clear Exit and Entrance in class.
Second Hand Kit.
Better service from shop!

1- MORE Feedback on how my Warrior is doing!

We launched “Progress Reports” earlier in the year where parents can book in a call with us to gain feedback on their child’s progress. Providing constant feedback is something we really want to become brilliant at. Our classes take up a lot of time and the emails behind the scenes take 10 to 12 hours each day, so it is a tough one to crack but we understand the importance. We also encourage parents to come a little early to class to see if they can have a quick chat with the Instructor if possible (of course this can be a bit harder in our bigger classes).
We have now launched WarriorAcad Texting so our Instructors are going to be sending little text message updates to parents each month (or as often as they can) to give a little update as to how your Warrior is doing! Perhaps you have already had one of these from us this month? 🙂
2- Parent and child classes!

Previously we split children and adult training up as we do not believe an adult and a child can possibly achieve their full potential in these classes. Age specific classes are far more beneficial. That being said, the goal of these classes is to create a family, fun environment where parents can bond with their child through an activity both can enjoy and benefit from. Stand by, we are going to launch this in 2018. PS: See point 4 for some interesting classes we are looking to launch. 

3- Shorter emails! 

Roger that. Sometimes we waffle on. There’s just so much to say! We will keep it short. Promise. 

4- Divide the groups more by ability

We are looking to create incredibly unique classes that will hone in on the most specific goals of each child. These concepts include: 

  • Primary to Secondary Transition Class (To build a community for our students to ease in the transition between schools ensuring they are confident). 
  • Father and Son class specifically for aged 7 to 12 – A class to develop the bond between Father and Son and promote the strong values important for male adolescence. As well as a Mother – Daughter/Son class. 
  • Parent and Child class split Junior and Senior – A broader version of the above class.
  • Ladies Boxing and self defence classes.
  • Confidence Accelerators along with goal setting and mindset classes every month. 
  • CV Workshops to prepare our young Warriors for interviews and achieving success in their work life, whichever route they wish to take.

5- What can students do beyond Black Belt? Clear guidance please 🙂

We recently launched our Assistance Instructors course, it’s a year long course guide students 14+ through our instructors training programme and provides them with a guaranteed paid position of £8 to £10 per hour at the end of their course.
This is something no other organisation can provide their students and really makes The Warrior Academy stand out as a very unique organisation.
We want our black belts to learn to lead. This is all part of our character development programme we call the “Warrior Method” (more on this later). Around 40%, Less than HALF of our Syllabus is learnt from white belt to Black Tag Belt and this takes 6-8 years to complete. The other half of our syllabus is from Junior Black belt – 1st Degree Black Belt – Assistant Instructors Level 1 – Full Instructor Level 2 – 2nd Degree Black Belt and also takes 6-8 years to work through. 

The syllabus for black belts is MASSIVE and as the old martial arts adage says “Black Belt is the start, now the real learning begins”. We are developing a brochure/guide book for students who achieve their black belt to show them how much more there is to learn and to educate parents on the huge amount of education we have prepared for their children. 

6 – Informing parents when an Instructor is changing

In emergencies (emergency cover etc) this often isn’t possible as no one is avaliable to email parents, however if there is a permanent change we will ensure we let parents know. 

7 – Adult classes + Ladies Self Defence!

Yep, we are going to launch this! They are so much fun and we know you guys will love it! The first ever Warrior Academy clubs were actually Adult Thai Boxing clubs in Bath and Ladies Boxing Clubs, they were incredibly popular, but…our children’s programmes flew ahead and took up all of our time :). 

8 – More weapons classes

We are going to launch our weapons classes in more locations in 2018. 

9 – Sit ups – perhaps dangerous for students backs

We have heard this concern from a few parents, while we have never had a student who hurt their back and it’s never been an issue. Parents concerns for safety are of high importance for us. We use sit ups because they are an easy, basic, technique that we can use across the board to use for testing. In class we use a multitude of core exercise to build strength so sit-ups on the hard floor are not used frequently in repetition other than in testing. Matts are not avaliable in all halls and so if this is the case, sit-ups are now scrapped in these locations, we will be replacing them with alternative core strengthening exercises :).

10 – Day camps in school holidays!

We have some brilliant ideas to launch Ninja Fun Days open to the general public, which will be FREE to Warrior Academy Members. We will also be launching more seminars and advanced days and we are also looking into partnering with Adventure / Exploration and camping companies to produce a hybrid martial arts / camping expedition to develop team work, perseverance and mindset. 

11 – More Sparring.

We now hold sparring every other class as a general rule – in your child’s club, this way you know when they will be sparring (although we recommend bringing kit to every class). During grading periods there is less sparring in class as we work more on line work and self defence in preparation. 

12 – Clear Exit and Entrance in class. 

We now have a set Entrance / Exit (especially for our big classes) where students are asked to line up, ready to leave, and are picked up while the new class lines up. The system has been working brilliantly in these classes!

13 – Second Hand Kit / Affordable option for Sparring kit

Sparring kit is expensive. We try to offer financing over 3-6 months, and even offer to purchase the kit back. We rarely get second hand kit back from parents however. So we have been scratching our heads for an alternative option.
Our exciting NEW concept is to have 50 kits that we “rent out” to parents at £4.99 per month instead of a £100+ investment. We hope to start this in Jan 2018. 

14 – Better service from shop!

Our shop organisation has been slow in the last 2 months. In some cases parents have had to wait weeks for the kit, it’s not good enough and for that we are sorry.  The good news is we’ve now improved our systems so that this doesn’t happen again. Kit should be delivered within the 2 week period stated.