In this episode of the Warrior Academy Podcast, host Sebastian Bates shares a powerful chapter from his book “Not a Victim,” focusing on equipping parents to mentor their children through the challenges of bullying. Sebastian recounts the poignant story of Matthew, whose early experiences with bullying and eventual journey to empowerment highlight the importance of resilience and standing up for oneself. This episode offers practical insights for parents on how to prepare their children for inevitable confrontations with bullies and emphasizes the role of martial arts in building confidence and character. Topics Discussed • Introduction to the book “Not a Victim” and its purpose • The personal story of Matthew and his experiences with bullying • The psychological impact of bullying and passive resistance • The importance of teaching children to stand up for themselves • How martial arts can help build resilience and confidence • The role of parental guidance in preparing children for bullying • Insights into the Warrior Academy’s approach to character development through the “Three Cs” (Confidence, Conduct, and Concentration) • Invitation to the Breakthrough Area Assessment to evaluate and enhance children’s character traits We hope you enjoyed this episode of the Warrior Academy Podcast. To stay updated on future episodes and gain more valuable insights into developing your child’s character, be sure to subscribe and follow us on social media. For a deeper understanding of your child’s confidence, conduct, and concentration levels, take our Breakthrough Area Assessment at Let’s work together to empower the next generation to face life’s challenges with strength and resilience Follow Warrior Academy Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Listen to the episodes on YouTube as well: Follow Sebastian Bates: Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Website How confident is your child? If you’d like to learn how to develop your child’s confidence, conduct and concentration, you NEED to take the breakthrough area assessment! It will give you unique insights into your child’s 3Cs, click the link to access: