In this inspiring episode, we sit down with Mohammed Lana, a Paralympic athlete who has overcome incredible odds to achieve extraordinary feats. Born with a birth defect that left him without parts of his right leg, Mohammed shares his journey from being bullied as a child to becoming a world-class athlete. He discusses his experiences, challenges, and the profound life lessons he’s learned along the way, offering a powerful message of resilience and determination. Topics Discussed: • Mohammed Lana’s early life and birth defect • Overcoming bullying and adversity • Balancing family, work, and training • Major achievements: crossing the Atlas Mountains, running marathons, swimming across the Gibraltar Strait, and racing in the Marathon des Sables • The physical and emotional challenges of adapting to a prosthetic leg • The importance of perseverance and incremental progress • The role of family and faith in Mohammed’s life • Parenting a child with Down syndrome and the lessons learned • Insights into effective parenting: balancing protection and empowerment • The impact of setting a positive example for children • Maintaining family connections across distances Thank you for tuning in to this episode of the Warrior Academy podcast. We hope you found Mohammed Lana’s story as inspiring as we did. To stay updated on future episodes and to continue your journey of personal growth and character development, be sure to subscribe to our podcast. For more resources and to assess your child’s character using the three C’s – Confidence, Conduct, and Concentration – visit Stay connected, stay inspired, and keep striving to make a positive impact in the world! Follow Warrior Academy Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Listen to the episodes on YouTube as well: Follow Sebastian Bates: Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Website How confident is your child? If you’d like to learn how to develop your child’s confidence, conduct and concentration, you NEED to take the breakthrough area assessment! It will give you unique insights into your child’s 3Cs, click the link to access: