In this episode of the Warrior Academy podcast, Sebastian Bates, founder of the Warrior Academy, shares insights from his book Not a Victim, aimed at guiding parents through the difficult challenge of bullying. Topics Discussed: • Overview of Sebastian Bates’ book Not a Victim and its aims • How to prepare children to face bullying proactively • Importance of empowering children with tools to overcome obstacles • Identifying your child’s breakthrough area (confidence, conduct, concentration) • Mental training and the importance of training the brain • Comparing brain training to physical fitness and nutritional supplements • The three C’s: confidence, conduct, and concentration, and their role in character development • Invitation to fill out the Breakthrough Area Assessment to understand your child’s strengths and areas for improvement Thank you for listening to this episode of the Warrior Academy podcast! To stay updated with more insights on developing your child’s character and navigating life’s challenges, subscribe to our podcast on Spotify or Audible. For a personalized assessment of your child’s three C’s, visit Breakthrough Area Assessment and receive a detailed PDF report. Let’s empower our children together! Follow Warrior Academy Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Listen to the episodes on YouTube as well: Follow Sebastian Bates: Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Website How confident is your child? If you’d like to learn how to develop your child’s confidence, conduct and concentration, you NEED to take the breakthrough area assessment! It will give you unique insights into your child’s 3Cs, click the link to access: