Join Sebastian Bates as he sits down with Simon Alexander Ong to explore Simon’s journey, philosophies, and insights on parenting, personal growth, and finding balance in life. Topics Discussed: • Simon Alexander Ong’s personal journey and the lessons learned from setbacks. • The importance of embracing challenges and maintaining a growth mindset. • Applying a gamification mindset to life and business. • Simon’s reflections on career transitions and discovering true passion. • Balancing work-life dynamics and redefining the concept of retirement. • The significance of energy management over time management for productivity. • Parenting insights and fostering independence in children. • Effective communication and soft skills as crucial for personal and professional success. • Strategies for leveraging energy and maintaining focus amidst busy schedules. • Engaging children in decision-making and building family activities around shared interests. Thank you for listening to today’s insightful episode. For more discussions on parenting, personal growth, and enhancing your child’s character, visit the Warrior Academy website and explore our resources. Don’t miss out on future episodes—subscribe to the podcast on your favorite platform and join our community on social media. Follow Warrior Academy Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Listen to the episodes on YouTube as well: Follow Sebastian Bates: Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Website How confident is your child? If you’d like to learn how to develop your child’s confidence, conduct and concentration, you NEED to take the breakthrough area assessment! It will give you unique insights into your child’s 3Cs, click the link to access: