There’s a simple process to getting the absolute most from a competitive event and once learnt you have the ability to rapidly accelerate your growth as a martial artist. As this process can be applied to anything in life, you also accelerate your own personal development. So, here it is guys….
Step One:
After the competition, relax. Don’t over-think your performance or the outcome. Competing is emotionally draining. Well done you for having the COURAGE to compete. Now relax and feel immensely proud of your efforts. Few compete at this level.
Step Two:
The next day or within the first week, watch the videos of yourself competing. Where did you loose points? Where were you a little too slow? What can you change? Make a list and as part of your list envisage yourself creating the “ultimate style” to counter your opponents techniques.
Step Three:
Create a plan. It needs to be broken down into small steps. For Instructor Matt it’s about timing and reactions on certain techniques. So we are drilling a more dynamic style, utilising the front leg more.
Step Four:
APPLY your training to your regular sparring sessions in class. Test and re rest until your style becomes effortless and natural.
Step Five:
Compete. Did you notice how uncomfortable you felt waiting for your turn to fight? This feeling shrinks as the familiarity of competing increases and your comfort zone expands. So look forward to your next competition. You already have more experience then most students.
Step Six:
Repeat the above 5 steps, apply them to your Martial Arts training and notice the crossover to your life. There’s a reason this is an Art and that becomes clearer with time.
Its quite the journey you’re on, don’t forget to notice each UP and each DOWN, because the best stories are never linear or expected. Always remember to appreciate those around you who support you, your parents, your team mates, your mentors and your instructors. We rarely achieve great things without the people around us, so go out and use your experience to help others as well.
See you all in class soon 🙂
Instructor Seb