A Shift
I have noticed a shift, despite huge technological advances and a modern lifestyle we are seeking to be more in touch with who we are, where we have come from, with nature and with traditional values. We are looking at the past for ancient solutions to solve our modern problems.
The use of the smartphone is on the rise and our concentration levels are lower than ever before. Stress levels have increased at home and at work due to high demands on both Parents to working. People are looking at ancient solutions like meditation and mindfulness to develop concentration and calmness, this is something Martial Arts has been teaching for years.
The way we learn to communicate is changing; more young people do the majority of their socialising online than ever before. We are missing out on learning fundamental, interpersonal social skills. Bullying is also on the rise and harder to detect than ever before with cyberbullying. Courtesy, Integrity and Conduct are all sought after values that are sadly, sorely missed in many young people who often lack strong role models. These traditional values are at the fore point of many martial arts organisations that all stem from a strong moral code passed on from teacher to student for hundreds (if not thousands) of years. These Arts provide the framework to improve behaviour and irradiate bullying.
Activity levels are lower than ever before and this has a huge knock-on effect on the future health of young people. While educators are putting a huge emphasis on teaching young people about the importance of being active, We lack the perseverance and persistence to see each activity or exercise as a long term endeavour and we often need guidance and accountability. The highly structured belt system of many martial arts provides young people with constant positive reinforcement and encourages them to seek and accomplish goals.
After years of terrible diet and health, I believe people are now becoming more conscious of what they eat, where it comes from and how their food is made. I believe there is a trend in selecting organic, healthier, ethical choices as we become more in touch with the land we live off.
While we face many modern problems, we look back for ancient solutions and there is a conscious shift to embrace traditional values.
Martial Arts provides the framework to make a huge impact on a young person’s life. I believe there is nothing else out there like martial arts to develop a young person’s character. Combining modern teaching methods with traditional values and a moral code we have established an excellent methodology which embraces this shift to great effect.
Over the next few blogs I’m going to dig into the modern problems that we are experiencing now, with that established, I’m going to put forward how martial arts provides excellent solutions to these problems!