One of the biggest challenges we’ve found busy parents face is not spending enough time with their children and the guilt associated with that.
Let me explain…
We interviewed 1500 parents and 90% of them stated ‘time’ as their biggest stress factor. Specifically not spending enough time with their children. The reason for this was because of the 2nd biggest stress factor; money. The parents who were concerned about not having enough time for their children were working in demanding jobs so that they can provide a great life for their families/children.
However, these parents understood that a better job, a higher income, and a better lifestyle was no replacement for time spent with their kids.
It gets worse… the busy parents struggled to feel truly present when they were with their children because their mind was on their demanding work, looming deadlines, the project, the next promotion or [insert stress].
So this feeling of guilt for not spending enough quality time or really connecting with their children starts to grow – which leads to more stress for parents.
So we sought to solve this problem.
Firstly we developed a programme that most students stick with for over 6 years and helps mentor them through the three biggest transitions of childhood (SBA, changing schools, overcoming bullying and adolescence/transitioning to adulthood).
Secondly, we gave parents the tools to mentor their children and connect with them on a deeper level. Focusing on Quality over Quantity in terms of time.
We start by interviewing parents, checking Parent+Student+Instructor are all aligned on the same vision.
We then hold an induction class teaching parents the physical and mental techniques we use in class, as well as the language and vocal cues so they can train their child at home. We teach mindfulness and meditation techniques to both parents and children because We’ve found this helps improve the quality time parents spend with their children, even for just a few minutes at any given time builds that connection.
We then provide a huge online learning platform so parents and students can train together, improve technique and become inspired.
We then provide easy to manage home behaviour checklists that students do but parents manage, time efficient and powerful.
We then invite parents to celebrate their child’s success at our awards ceremonies every term. This strengthens the connection.
We then hold large events where we ask parents to get involved and inspire their children. We have parents breaking boards in front of a large audience and their children watch in absolute awe.
So, if you’ve got this far and think what we offer is just martial arts classes, you’ve missed the point.
We work with parents on a personal level to help solve their biggest problems:
+ Improve their quality time with their children.
+ Deepen their connection with their children.
+ Assist parents in mentoring their children on a journey to build their character
+ Reducing their stress and removing this very common feeling of guilt.
We use martial arts to achieve all of the above because it’s the most effective vehicle for achieving these results that are available.